Winter Wonderland

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I decided to go for a quick ramble over the field with Bertie this morning.  It was early, around 8.15am, and I felt a needed some fresh air after a busy night shift.  And outside was spectacular in it’s frosty, wintery beauty.  I’m glad I made the effort to go.  It’s so easy to miss out on seasonal weather when you work shifts.  I’m really beginning to like winter!


And so to bed…

One frosty morning.

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We woke up to the most beautiful wintery day today.  Jack Frost had done us proud and I wanted to make the most of every glittery, sunshiney moment before I start a set of night shifts tonight.  We headed to Crickley Hill, which is our favorite spot for nearby, easy countryside walking.  Maisy is just too old and blind to enjoy these outings anymore, so we just took Bertie.  And it was breathtakingly, heart-stopping exquisite.  I’ve always hated Winter but these types of days make me feel so differently about this season.


It was proper cold this morning. Not just a bit nippy but a real deal icy morning. I had to scrape ice of the car before jumping in…and I love it! Maybe the novelty will wear off soon, but in the meantime I plan to embrace the shift from Autumn into Winter.


After collecting the boy from school we decided to walk round the field on the way home. These photos were taken at 3.30pm and I can’t believe how low the sun was in the sky.


Look at the length of the shadows!


Despite the blue in the sky it was still chilly…


…and the mist was already building. Twas very atmospheric!


But it was lovely to get a fresh air fix and enjoy being outside.