Today’s happy stuff


#1: Beautiful flowers in my Mum’s lovely garden…


Even the weeds here are pretty!


#2: being able to fit my Mum’s sewing machine in my hand luggage – yeeeha! I’ve wanted a sewing machine for a LONG time. My Mum has had one for ages/ever but doesn’t use it much. After humming and haa-ing about how to transport it safely we’ve decided to try and get it back VERY CAREFULLY when we fly home. Fingers and everything else crossed!

#3: Despite having had this phone since February I only today realised that the camera has a panoramic shot function and I’ve been having great fun with it!
::just realised the app on my phone won’t let me upload larger shots. Will try later::

2013-08-22 12.42.20

We’re off out to eat later in a new bar/restaurant in Daya Nueva.  Looking forward to it but I’m very aware that the end of our holiday is drawing ever closer and I’ve got really mixed feelings about that.