Memory dump – September 2014


It’s amazing how many of the photos I took in September are of food!  It’s easy to see how preoccupied I’ve been with sticking to my diet and feeding the whole family more healthily.


2014-09-01 21.09.03

This is my favorite Slimming World recipe to date.  BBQ pulled pork, done in the slow cooker.  Ridiculously easy to make but oh so good.  It’s been a big hit with the whole family.


2014-09-02 11.03.05

I took Lily for a back to school haircut and had a shock to see how grown up she looks. Scary stuff.


2014-09-10 06.47.30

A random boy and his dog photo.

2014-09-12 21.53.50


A regular pudding or night shift treat…sugar free jelly with chopped fruit and yogurt.  YUM.


2014-09-13 14.53.57


I really enjoyed this risotto that I cooked from a recipe I saw on Instagram.  Risotto is one of the ultimate comfort foods and you get to have loads of parmesan for a HexA.


2014-10-21 14.53.38

2014-09-13 21.19.36

Slimming World Eton Mess – a crushed meringue nest (3.5syns) with chopped fruit and yogurt.


2014-09-13 22.00.28


The best use of 7. 5 syns ever.2014-09-14 06.48.28


And this was the month I discovered Overnight Oats.  35g oats mixed with yogurt and (optional) chopped or frozen fruit and left overnight.  I am seriously addicted to these oats…thick, smooth and creamy.   2014-09-15 10.16.30

I look forward these most mornings.

2014-09-16 20.10.52


Steak, slimming world chips and tomatoes.  This diet is no hardship!2014-09-16 20.52.13

The best of a lot of blurry photos of Spike, Patrick’s hamster.  He really is very cute and extremely tame.

2014-09-18 14.14.13


A little treat I shared with Mum while out for lunch with a friend (Eugene).  And I enjoyed EVERY LAST MOUTHFUL!


2014-09-20 21.40.51


More fruit, more yogurt (there’s a theme here) and sprinkled chocolate.

2014-09-23 22.43.03


I started a new baby blanket for a friend’s newborn.  I’m enjoying this pattern that my Mum came up with and I’m making good progress.



2014-09-24 11.28.16


I got my 1.5 stone award…2014-09-24 11.28.22

and was slimmer of the week again!


2014-09-25 22.41.40


5.5syns of loveliness!2014-09-26 10.26.16


SW cooked breakfast…all completely free.2014-09-26 13.10.29


Mark, my Mum and I went for a wonder around the churchyard on top of the hill one sunny Friday afternoon.  Beautiful.2014-09-26 13.16.17


Couch Potato to slow shuffle to 5K?

2014-10-12 12.23.45   A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a free couch potato to 5K app.  Jogging is something I’ve only dreamt about doing since becoming overweight years and years ago.  In another lifetime, long ago, back in school I used to be on the school’s cross country team.  I wasn’t particularly fast or good at it but I really enjoyed the challenge and it helped to keep me fit.  But in my new quest to drop some weight, becoming healthier and try and set a better example to by children I have joined Slimming World and signed up at the local gym.  Up until now I’ve been completing the app workouts on the treadmill with headphones in, blaring out some good tunes (this helps me to zone out and  pretend there’s nobody else around me, witnessing the hugely embarrassing spectacle of all my flesh in motion!).  But today seemed like a good day to take it outside (it was foggy + less visibility!) and I dragged Paddy along too.



2014-10-12 13.11.10

We both managed it, although my jog was more a fast shuffle than a run, and got very muddy and wet in the process.  But I LOVED being outside in the fresh air instead of a sweaty gym!  Shinsplints are becoming a problem again so I may need to look into buyiing some insoles or splashing out on some new trainers, but I definitely think I’ll aim to get out and over the field again soon.


2014-10-12 13.11.35  We took Bertie with us too and he seemed to enjoy it after getting over the shock of seeing me looking like I was having some sort of mobile seizure!

And this is possible THE MOST unflattering photograph of me EVER – thank you Patrick!


2014-10-12 13.27.55





So a few calories burned off before I enter ‘The Night Shift Zone’ tonight.