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Project Wild Thing

I’ve stumbled across the most amazing website here. Project Wild Thing, which encourages you to commit to screen-free time everyday and use the time to get you and your kids outdoors. I’ve signed up – what’s not to like?

Cutting back!

Paddy has an unruly mop of hair…

…and I’m on a spending fast. So a good scout around on YouTube and I found a couple of useful video tutorials.  And we ended up with this…

Not too bad for a first attempt I reckon. He seems pleased enough with it.  It saved me a tenner so I’m pretty chuffed too!

All is forgiven…

…at the library.  As I won’t be spending any money at all on books next year I decided it was about time I went to the library to find out what my outstanding late fee bill was.



Whoops! After I’d had my public flogging and stint in the naughty corner (actually they were really nice about it and said I could pay it off slowly) we had great fun choosing a few books to take home.


We had Paddy’s parent’s evening today. His lovely teacher said what a lovely child he is and that she loves having him in her class – proud Mummy moment – and he often brightens her day when he shares with her random facts about dinosaurs, or fossils, or ninja turtles! However, he is falling quite far behind with his reading levels. We knew he was struggling but hadn’t realised by quite how much.

So we need to find a lot more time to read with him, and to him. He needs a lot more practice with frequently used words to work on his instant recall of them. And the other usual things such as the 2 5 and 10 times tables and number bonds to 10. I’m hoping that frequent visits to the library will help him to get lots of different types of books and that he might find something to really spark his interest. Fingers crossed.