One frosty morning.

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We woke up to the most beautiful wintery day today.  Jack Frost had done us proud and I wanted to make the most of every glittery, sunshiney moment before I start a set of night shifts tonight.  We headed to Crickley Hill, which is our favorite spot for nearby, easy countryside walking.  Maisy is just too old and blind to enjoy these outings anymore, so we just took Bertie.  And it was breathtakingly, heart-stopping exquisite.  I’ve always hated Winter but these types of days make me feel so differently about this season.


Back in Blighty.

I’m trying very hard to fend off a case of the holiday blues.

We arrived home yesterday and, in many ways, it was lovely to walk back through our front door.  My lovely Mum had been busying herself about the place and it was all spick and span.  The garden looked lovely and green, although many of my sweet peas and geraniums are looking well past their best…someone pass me the miracle grow!  I wonder if they can be persuaded to keep flowering a little longer.

While I was away there were a lot of changes at work.  We are now in a new ward which is MUCH bigger and my first shift back today proved a challenge as I didn’t know where anything is.  Ah well, I’m sure it’ll feel like home again very soon.  I’ve requested a reduction in my contracted hours.  I feel strongly that I need to be at home more at the moment.  So, from November, I’ll be working 30 hours a week and I CANNOT WAIT!  I want to spend more time here at home, playing Mummy and keeping house and I think my family will really benefit from this too.

Over the field 26/08/13  Over the field 26/08/13I went for a quick walk over the field with Mark and the  dogs when I got home.  They sky was BLUE – woo hoo! –       and the trees beautifully green so I took some photos.  I’m sure Autumn will be arriving soon and it’ll be interesting to visually document the changes of my normal dog plodding routes.

So, reasons to be cheerful…

Number 1…drumroll please…THE BABY RIPPLE IS FINISHED!

Finished baby ripple Finished baby ripple 26/08/13  Have crochet, will travel...I had the blanket finished on holiday and finished most of the border on the plane home (which made for a very relaxing flight) and got the last blue bit finished in the car on the way home.  I LOVE it.  It’s now all wrapped up and ready for Mark to take to work tomorrow, to give to his friend as a belated congratulations on their new baby boy.  I’ve become quite attached to it and will be sorry to see it go.

Finished ripple

Reason to be cheerful #2

Oooh, the possibilities!

A jiffy bag, delivered whilst I was away, with new, beautiful, soft, gorgeous new yarn…oh happy day!  I ordered it so it would be ready and waiting so that I can get started on another baby blanket for a friend’s baby who is due in approximately three weeks.  No pressure then!  This is Rico Creative Cotton, ordered from the Wool Warehouse and IT. IS. GORGEOUS.  I’m thinking colourful little granny squares.  However, I have lost my beloved crochet hook so I can’t make a start on it until I buy a new one tomorrow (that crochet hook has made many items, traveled many miles in my handbag at all times, gone to Spain and back TWICE and I manage to loose it somewhere between my mother-in-laws house and our house.  Unbelievable.)  So in the meantime I’ve been enjoying have a good old squash and a squeeze, arranging the balls and rearranging them.  I really must get out more!  2013-08-25 18.29.222013-08-25 18.28.02

Reasons to be cheerful #3: being reunited with my doggies.  HAPPY.  ‘Nuff said!

Maisy and Bertie

We’ve got some lovely things to look forward to in the near future so I’m trying really hard to focus on the positives and not feel too sorry for myself about the return to routine, work, etc.  I think that it’s helped that the weather today has been blue and sunny.  Which always helps a bit, doesn’t it?!