A day out.

Birthday cards

It was my lovely Mum’s birthday on Wednesday.  We had a long planned a trip to Eastnor Castle but, after checking the website at the last minute, realised it was shut.  So we cobbled together a last minute day out – the sort where you pack up a picnic, have a very vague idea of which direction to go, and hope for the best.

First stop was Kelmscott Manor, summer home of the artist and poet William Morris.  And it was BEAUTIFUL!  The house was steeped in history, and was beautifully preserved (no photos allowed inside) 2013-08-28 15.42.16 2013-08-28 15.42.08 2013-08-28 15.38.21

The children behaved really well inside, despite the fact that it wasn’t really their type of thing.  But for me it was the gardens that really took my breath away.  2013-08-28 15.29.28 2013-08-28 15.33.272013-08-28 15.44.52 - CopyI think the gardens were probably past its summery best but they were stunning all the same.  William Morris was apparently a fan of the formal garden and this reflects in parts of the grounds.  But in other areas the layout was more natural and left to go wild a bit.  All of it was just beautiful; tranquil, fragrant, green and lovely.

  2013-08-28 15.36.29

2013-08-28 15.31.06

The sweet peas were spectacular and put my few blooms to shame!

 2013-08-28 15.33.44 2013-08-28 15.29.17

After we had a lovely spot of tea and coffee by the river we headed off to Witney.  I had heard about a shop there where you could try your hand at decopatching.  Oh Dear Me.  I feel a new addiction coming on!  We went to The Decopatch Place and we loved it!  In fact, I’d very much like to move in there!  Both the kids chose and item to decopatch and the very lovely staff talked them through it.  Do you remember how much we all love sticking and glueing at school?  It’s was like that, but BETTER.  So so much better!  Beautiful papers, gorgeous items.

2013-08-28 17.56.53Lily chose a turtle and Paddy had a gekko to decorate.  It’s simple stuff.  Tear up the paper into small peices and glue them on.  But the satisfaction is HUGE!  I bought Mum and I a kit each to do, but we’re saving them until the kids go back to school so we can do them in peace and quiet – aren’t we mean?!

2013-08-28 18.05.10 I fell in love with these little pegs and I think they’d look lovely in my little house.  And you can always use more pegs, right?!

2013-08-28 18.03.46

They had examples of all the stuff you could decopatch i.e. practically anything!

2013-08-28 18.02.18 - Copy

These are some photos of their studio – the whole place was colourful, bright and really good fun.

2013-08-28 18.04.00

I LOVE their decopatched door – it looks like patchwork.  I haven’t even started my kit yet but I’m already casting my eye around the house, thinking about which pieces of furniture could do with a makeover.  Like our really tatty coffee table…and the kitchen stool…

We even had time to stop for a couple of geocaches on the way home (happy me!).  When we got home we discovered that a parcel had arrived for Mum…some new pens and a colouring book for grown-ups.

2013-08-29 10.12.29 2013-08-29 10.12.03 2013-08-29 09.18.05

So we had a lovely couple of hours, colouring, hooking, drinking cappuccinos and relaxing before ordering an Indian takeaway which was DELICIOUS.

A near perfect day I’d say.