Banana Bread

I used to make the following recipe all the time.  It’s quick, easy, uses leftovers and comes out perfectly every time.  Somehow, I managed to loose the scrap of paper I had it written on.  I remember originally getting the recipe from Money Saving Expert‘s forum.  Roll on about four years later…and today I stumbled across it again!  Happy days.

So here it is, so I can’t loose it again!

You can play around with the ingredients, use less sugar, part whole wheat flour, add cinnamon or nutmeg, etc.

In your mixer bowl throw in…

2-3 over-ripe bananas
1 cup (or less) sugar (white/brown/whatever)
3 tbsp veg oil
2 eggs
2 cups self-raising flour

I like a teaspoon of mixed spice or cinnamon.  Adding chocolate chips are nice, as is raisins or walnuts.

Mix for a few minutes then put all the mix into a cake tin.  Bake at 180 degrees in a fan oven, for around 45 minutes.

Easy and delicious.  It’s also nice with butter and jam.  Mmmmmm.



Continuing cosiness.

I had a whole weekend off this weekend – what sheer joy! And I had originally planned some energetic activities.  You know, the sort that would actually require us to get dressed and leave the house.  But after my Friday afternoon cosy-fest I decided on an indulgent, all out pyjama day on Saturday. BLIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS!  In our defense, we have all been knocked sideways by various tummy bugs and coughs & colds, so (in my mind anyway) a PJ day was practically medicinal.

We baked…(using this recipe – the dough was LOVELY to work with and the results yummy!)


and I crocheted little stars…(very cute – pattern found here)…


and played with Hama beads…made homemade wholemeal pizzas using this recipe for the base, and topped with BBQ sauce, chorizo, peppers and cheese (I didn’t get any photos as they didn’t survive long enough!)…watched rubbish TV…had loooonnnnngggg bubble some of my favorite blogs (including 71toes, Posie gets Cozy, My Rose Valley….and took time to smell the lillies.


Mark brought these home for me last week when I was feeling most sorry for myself.  He also brought Imodium, Sudofed, extra loo roll and a Greggs Custard Slice.  Who said romance was dead?  That man knows me so well.

Sunday continued in the same way after church.  Mark went to play golf, the kids went about their various indoor activities and I snoozed on the sofa.  We had the first rehearsal of our new choir last night and it was so lovely.  We are practicing songs for a couple of Christmas services.  I LOVE Christmas music and I came home having sung/bellowed/screeched my heart out feeling all festive.  Which added to my weekend of cosy beautifully!

A lazy family day.

A whole Sunday off!  Together!

Lily and I watched the Women’s Session of general conference this morning, which was wonderful.

And then PJs, blankets and family movies were the order of the day.


I picked up where I left off (about a year ago) with my Giant Granny Blanket…

2014-04-06 18.25.37

…and really enjoyed the colourfest.  And it’s lovely when a blanket gets big enough to cuddle up in while you’re still working on it.

We did a spot of baking…

2014-04-06 22.12.25

We used a cheapie Aldi Ginger Cake mix but lined the bottom of the pan with tinned peaches.  After the cake was cooked and while it was still hot and in it’s tin, I poked holes in it with a chop stick and drizzled the juicy, syrupy peach liquid over it.  It was DIVINE!

The kids now have two weeks off school and other than a late shift tomorrow and a couple of nights over the weekend I’m off too.  I’m really looking forward to spending some time with them and we’ve got lots of lovely things planned.




Marbles! Although they can get everywhere and are a pain in the bum when you’re trying to hoover, I can’t begrudge Paddy his collection because I remember how much I loved them when I was younger. He’s got quite a lot now and he had a quick play with them before school.


I’ve had a lovely day today. Lily has been off school poorly (she’s feeling much better already) so I’ve been grounded at home. Which has been wonderful.

Very rainy day + a day off = pyjama baking! I love putting an apron on over my PJs, switching five live on the radio and baking something sweet and cakey.


Today I made Marmalade Cake using a recipe I found he


Although the recipe calls for Seville oranges and (preferably homemade) seville orange marmalade I just used what I had in the cupboard. Good old Aldi’s marmalade. And the cake turned out to be very yummy indeed!


I spent a couple of hours cleaning the house (boring, but necessary to keep up with my New Year’s resolutions) so felt I deserved to relax and enjoy my library book – Janet Evanovich’s latest Stephanie Plum novel…sheer bliss! She’s one of the very few authors that can make me laugh out loud.


It felt good to be at home with the rain belting down outside, feeling snug and domesticated.


I need to make sure I build more days like this into my life – with or without the rain!