It was proper cold this morning. Not just a bit nippy but a real deal icy morning. I had to scrape ice of the car before jumping in…and I love it! Maybe the novelty will wear off soon, but in the meantime I plan to embrace the shift from Autumn into Winter.


After collecting the boy from school we decided to walk round the field on the way home. These photos were taken at 3.30pm and I can’t believe how low the sun was in the sky.


Look at the length of the shadows!


Despite the blue in the sky it was still chilly…


…and the mist was already building. Twas very atmospheric!


But it was lovely to get a fresh air fix and enjoy being outside.



I’ve been feeling very ‘Novemberish’ over the past couple of days.  But I decided that that is a GOOD thing!  I’ve always hated November.  And January and February, come to think of it.  But I found myself with a spare hour before the school run this afternoon so I filled it with some of my favorite things…

2014-11-21 13.59.57

…a lit fire, a hot chocolate, crochet, something tasty to eat (NOT slimming world friendly – ooops!).  And I decided I like the cosiness of November, more so because of rain and cold outside.


I’ve finished the bobble blanket and I LOVE IT!  Hopefully it’ll be going to it’s new home next week.

IMG_0004 IMG_0005












But in case I want to make another one again I thought I’d better make a note of the pattern (taught to me by my Mum)…

chain row in multiples of 5, plus and extra 4, plus two for turning.

Row 1: triples across the whole row.

Row 2: 4 double crochets. Make 4 trebles into the next stictch then take your hook out of the stitch, insert it into the first of the 4 trebles and slip stitch it through the fourth treble (which makes the bobble).  Carry on with another 4 doubles, then repeat with another bobble, then carry on like this for the rest of the row.

Row 3: Trebles all the way back again.

Row 4: Double crochets with a new colour.

Row 5: Double crochets with the old colour,

then repeat from row 2.

I hope I can make sense of that if I need the pattern again!


I’ve got the urge to paint that blue wall green.  I feel a pinterest binge coming on to get some inspiration!  It’d be great to get it done before Christmas.


A Sunday at home.

Today’s weather has been typically Novemberish…drizzly, grey and dull. But still not  cold. It’s been a surpringly mild month so far, although having just listened to the forecast it seems that is about to change over the next few days.

I feels like I very rarely have a whole Sunday off at the moment.  If I’m not rotared on I tend to try and pick up an extra shift (more ££s) or I’m sleeping between night shifts. So having a whole day off today felt like a real treat.  After a lazy lie in and a cooked breakfast Mark went for a round of golf and Paddy and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. And we decided that he would be the photographer for the trip! Despite nearly having palpitations about handing my phone over to my 7 year old, off we went to see what we could see.


We talked about autumn colours,  and how having more than one colour in a photo made it interesting…


…then a quick photo to admire his walking boots!


Then a bit of leaf admiration…


…before spotting some funny graffiti.  Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous!


I took this one. I love the contrast of the colours.  And that yellow just screams ‘AUTUMN’ at me!


Back to Paddy for some more rsndom shots…


..and we were surprised to see this in the front garden of a nearby house!



A few more naturey photos…



…after which he got bored of taking them. But it was fun while it lasted,  and a great way of really taking a good look at the area where you live.  We walked a total of 4 miles and both he and I and the dogs came home worn out ready for a hot drink and a cake.


We’ve been making some big decisions over the past week and there will be some major changes for us coming up soon.  So a relaxing day at home, complete with a decent dose of fresh air was just what I needed to relax and blow the cobwebs away.

The day of the dressing gown.

Overnight the temperature dropped. And I mean REALLY DROPPED!  It was sunshiney and warm yesterday and it’s now grey, wet and not sunshiney.  I had to wear my dressing gown for the first time this autumn! Hhhmmmpphhhh.  On the positive side of things though my lovely new plants are getting a good watering in.


I’m loving my new front patch now! From right to left I’ve got my beautiful peony ( which didn’t do much this year other than three perfect-in-every-way beautifully scented flowers), my new pink lupin, a reddish something or other I bought a couple of years ago,  my new purple lupin, a twirly wirly green grass then my new azalea.  And a few winter pansies thrown in for good measure.  Call me sad but I’m extraordinarily excited by this and keep popping outside to take another look.  Hey, what can I say? I’m low maintenance – it doesn’t take much to make me a happy bunny!
:::oh dear. That wrought iron trellis is a bit disgraceful.  Been meaning to see to that for…ummm…about 6 years:::


Right now I have a huge bowl of fruit,  yogurt and bran flakes to demolish. Even happier!