Despite my New Year Resolution not to start anything new until my other bits are finished… look what accidentally fell off my hook yesterday!
In my defense..ahem…I’ve got three friends who are all due babies very soon and I need a couple of blankets I can whip up quickly and I think this might just be the pattern I need.

And I was bored of my other stuff.

I found the pattern here.


A lazy family day.

A whole Sunday off!  Together!

Lily and I watched the Women’s Session of general conference this morning, which was wonderful.

And then PJs, blankets and family movies were the order of the day.


I picked up where I left off (about a year ago) with my Giant Granny Blanket…

2014-04-06 18.25.37

…and really enjoyed the colourfest.  And it’s lovely when a blanket gets big enough to cuddle up in while you’re still working on it.

We did a spot of baking…

2014-04-06 22.12.25

We used a cheapie Aldi Ginger Cake mix but lined the bottom of the pan with tinned peaches.  After the cake was cooked and while it was still hot and in it’s tin, I poked holes in it with a chop stick and drizzled the juicy, syrupy peach liquid over it.  It was DIVINE!

The kids now have two weeks off school and other than a late shift tomorrow and a couple of nights over the weekend I’m off too.  I’m really looking forward to spending some time with them and we’ve got lots of lovely things planned.