Tragedy strikes!


Mark bought me an amaryllis for Christmas (Our Christmas on a budget was THE BEST!) and I’ve been waiting with anticipation for it to grow and bloom.  Which it did.  And it was just beautiful in all it’s lush rednessey glory!  I’ve been really enjoying its progress and since it started to bloom I put it on the sideboard to take pride of place downstairs.  And one evening it toppled over, off the sideboard and landed, splat, on the floor breaking the longest stem in the process. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


So instead, I lopped off the two blooms and they’re in little glasses on the coffee table.  It’s not the same though. Sniff.


I found this 100% pure wool jumper in a local charity shops, bought ready for assembling my granny square cushion…


So the sewing machine has been dusted off and the construction has begun.  And I think it’s going to look fab!

I think my sewing machine needs a name (don’t ask me why.  All my cars have names too!) and I’m thinkg…Jessie.  Or maybe…Tallulah!  I’ve always loved the name Tallulah.  And it sounds like a perfect name for a cute little machine that’s able to whip up cute patchwork and pretty little whimsies (assuming I learn how to use her properly).


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