Mo’ Money

I’ve just cancelled my Cineworld Unlimited membership.  While I LOVE to go to the cinema I haven’t been going enough to justify the monthly cost. So it’s gone!  Last payment will be in January so from February onwards that’s another £15/month off our debt.

This morning I cleared the amount on my Very account.  Add to that the money I paid to Next to pay off that account, and I’ve paid an extra £520 off debts this month!  Not a bad start I reckon – whooop!

I’m cooking homemade Tarka Dahl and homemade Naan Breads for dinner, with mango chutney, raita and basmati.  These recipes I tried last week, using channa dahl with a best before date of 2010!  Oh the shame!  Still, they took much longer to cook but were DE-LI-CIOUS when they were done.  Can’t wait.

2013-11-28 10.40.47

I’m continuing to make S-L-O-W progress with Lily’s Granny Square Blanket.  My mind has been full of ideas on how to save money, I’ve been reading blogs and generally getting myself keyed up to take some action.  So crocheting has taken a bit of a back seat a bit.  But I still find it incredibly relaxing so I really should make a point of sitting down to do some more often.  And while I really MUSTN’T start anything else until my huge life of WIP’s starts decreasing, I find I’ve lost my wrist warmers.  And I NEED wrist warmers.  Especially as I’m now a person who TAKES THE BUS.  Wrist warmers are practically a tool of survival on our winters!  So maybe I could just start a new little project.  Out of necessity, rather than my inability to see one project through to the end before starting something else.  So there.


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