Glorious Autumn


We had a beautiful day here in Gloucestershire yesterday. Still a bit gusty after the awful storm that hit further south but from which we escaped unscathed. And it’s half term. So days off + halfway decent weather = dog walking and catching up on some fresh air, in this household anyway. And it really was a beautiful couple of hours…


I dragged Paddy out with me but Lily couldn’t be persuaded from her teenage pit of doom bedroom,  so we headed over to the field. And the autumn sky and colours were stunning!


Look at this for blue sky! Even though we walk over here many times a week I still love this space, even more so when I have the time to truly appreciate being outside, rather than just tramping round exercising the dogs.


And because it’s such a regular haunt it’s easy to spot the changes in the seasons.


With autumn days like this it makes the mourning of the passing summer much easier to bare.


Paddy and I visited our favourite spot by the stream to play pooh sticks (as I call it) or Titanics (so called by Paddy!). We spent a good hour here throwing sticks into the now fast flowing stream and running down the bank following them until the sank without a trace (hence the name ‘Titanic’!).


Even Bertie enjoyed a dip! Maisy, however, sat on the bank in a very ladylike mannner watching proceedings! Then back hime for some pumpkin carving…


Paddy loved getting the guts out and I think he rather fancies a career in brain surgery now!



And with both dogs now completely pooped…


…we rounded off the evening with a game of monopoly. 


Which I lost. Badly! Which is very apt considering that I’ve spent the last few days brewing about the state of our finances.  But instead of feeling all doom and gloom I’m trying to psyche myself up to making some changes around here.  I’ve been pootling about in blogland and have found some inspiring stories of people who have got the bit between their teeth in determination of clearing their debts.  There is lots of helpful information out there about budgeting, living frugally, cutting costs and getting out of the minimum payment debt way of living.

I think it might be about time that I financially grow up.  I need to take stock of what we owe, then come up with a plan to start making inroads into paying it off.  I think there might be some difficult decisions to make in the near future. And, considering that I have managed to find and marry the one man on the planet who is worse than money with me, this could also involve some tricky conversations.  Hmmmm. Wish me luck?


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