A fab weekend.

I had a whole weekend off – what sheer joy! And I was determined to squeeze as many goods things into it as possible.  Including…


…a trip to Bluestocking Wool and Gifts. How I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shop! Row upon squidgy row of all different types of yarn in the most fabulous colours. I didn’t realise how bad the photo above was until after I’d left, but this is a new super chunky (and super cuddly) Stylecraft yarn that I’m thinking might be nice for a blanket for Lily.  These colours are much more muted than I’d normally use but are delicious.

While in Stroud I popped into a nearby park to grab a cache. En route we passed this gorgeous door. ..


It made me think of fairy tales and secret passages – I’m sure this door could inspire some fabulous children’s stories!


Later on that day we headed over to Montpellier Gardens so Patrick could take over the pennies he’d saved for the ‘mile of money’ event in aid of eradicating Polio. He met the Mayoress and hob nobbed with other dignitaries – he had a great time!


I rounded off the evening with some relaxing hooky in my new PJs!  I really need more of these lovely type of days in my life!

Sunday started off with a walk round one of my favorite parks. Pittville Park seems to have something for everyone…


…a boating lake (which already appears to have been shut up for the summer)..


…miles of paths and huge open green spaces for over active kids and dogs…


…an adventure trail for the kids,  both young and old…


…and a café that serves amazing cappuccinos and hot chocolates. Bliss.

And then…OH SO ECXITING…I put together my very first cache to hide! I put a few little goodies in with a log book and have hidden it in one of our most frequently used dog walking field.


It’s registered on the site and waiting for it to be verified and checked….whoop! Of course, the rest of the family think I’m very odd to be getting so excited about hiding bits if tupperware in muddy fields.  Do I care? Naaah!

I start nights again tonight but it’s all good cos we’re off to Yarndale and a weekend in North Yorkshire on Friday! I’ve been looking forward to this since I booked our accommodation in January…a weekend of woolly yarn, creative people and the Yorkshire Dales.  Bring it on!


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