Finding the positives.

I always find myself getting a bit downhearted when I have a set of night shifts looming. It can make me feel a bit isolated from the family and I hate that.  And, although I get to spend a little time with them in the evening before I head off to work, it seems really hard to feel connected with them.  I’m not the one doing the school runs, cooking the dinner, reading with them,  etc.  After entering the night shift zone on a Monday I feel like things can’t really return to any semblance of normal family life until Friday evening.

So to combat my poor me’s I decided today to actively seek out reasons to be cheerful. And it seems there are quite a few, despite the night shifts!


#1: Some new fat quarters to feed the stash!  I’m thinking of trying my hand at making some colourful,  cheerful bunting.  I love a bit of bunting!


#2: Glorious gladioli. Aaah, these are going to be BEAUTIFUL! 


Good old Tesco were selling them for £3 a bunch, buy one get one free.  It’d be rude not to at that price!


I love this Cadbury purple and the ones above are pink with darker pink tinged edges.  Bring on the happy!


#3: While walking the dogs this afternoon we noticed the most gorgeous rainbow.  In fact, there were two as there was a smaller,  fainter rainbow behind the first.   Maybe we’re due some good luck?  A pot of gold wouldn’t go amiss either for that matter!


#4: watching the big fella teach the little fella how to play chess. And being amazed at how quickly he’s picking it up!


#5: Watching Autumn creep ever closer.  We’ve had some wild weather over the weekend in our neck of the woods. And although I’m constantly lamenting the end of summer I really love Autumn days when the sun is out.


#6: My lovely friend is in hospital being induced RIGHT NOW! No news yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long until there’s a new little bundle to cuddle – it’s SO ECXITING!! I really must get a shifty on with the baby blanket that’s destined for him.

So plenty to stop me feeling too sorry for myself.   Well, that’s the plan anyway!


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