Bedtime reading.


Oh, my poor achey limbs! I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday at Alton Towers with my very best friend.  Just the two of us so no whingeing about queue times, regular dashes for the loo, constant feeding and watering,  etc. So we made the most of this window of kid free fun time and dashed from ride to ride like mad things.  And had a fab time.

But it seems I’m getting old. Strangely,  I don’t seem to be able to spend an adrenaline fuelled,  mad day out without feeling a little worse for wear the following day. And I’ve got a 14 hour shift to get through tomorrow! So I’ve had a lovely hot soak in the bath and am about to settle into bed with a couple of my most favorite books for a bit of visual eye candy.  Bliss.


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