Slow progress


I’m enjoying these granny square although I’m not as wowed by these colours as I usually am.  This will be a baby blanket for a friend of mine who will having her baby in the next couple of weeks so I really do need to get a shifty on.  This is quite a handy little project though as I can crochet at home but just take the blanket and darning needle to work with me so I can sew a few ends in during my break (on the shifts that I actually manage to get a break!).

Next time I think I’ll do five round granny sqaures using only three colours to reduce the amounr of pesky ends that need sorting out.  Or maybe an Elmer blanket of five round squares using only 1 colour, randomly placed.

Here we go again…planning the next project before this (and another 4 or 5) project is finished. WIPs…I have a few…


This little blanket just needs to be finished being joined together and then an edge worked.  I think this is too girly for a boy and all my friends having babies at the moment have had boys, so this one will be held in reserve for the first girl to arrive.


I hadn’t realised that I’d made this much progress with this blanket for our bed before I got bored of it and put it to one side.  This will make a nice job for the autumn I think.


And this baby blanket for a friend’s little girl who must now be around 6 months old – so only running a little late Heehee! Again, I’m not really feeling the love for the colours I’ve used, hence the unenthusiasm to get the job done.

I really must get more strict with myself about finishing some of these before starting something else.  No really. I must. Ahem.


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