The day of the dressing gown.

Overnight the temperature dropped. And I mean REALLY DROPPED!  It was sunshiney and warm yesterday and it’s now grey, wet and not sunshiney.  I had to wear my dressing gown for the first time this autumn! Hhhmmmpphhhh.  On the positive side of things though my lovely new plants are getting a good watering in.


I’m loving my new front patch now! From right to left I’ve got my beautiful peony ( which didn’t do much this year other than three perfect-in-every-way beautifully scented flowers), my new pink lupin, a reddish something or other I bought a couple of years ago,  my new purple lupin, a twirly wirly green grass then my new azalea.  And a few winter pansies thrown in for good measure.  Call me sad but I’m extraordinarily excited by this and keep popping outside to take another look.  Hey, what can I say? I’m low maintenance – it doesn’t take much to make me a happy bunny!
:::oh dear. That wrought iron trellis is a bit disgraceful.  Been meaning to see to that for…ummm…about 6 years:::


Right now I have a huge bowl of fruit,  yogurt and bran flakes to demolish. Even happier!


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