Today’s best bits.


I had mandatory annual training today (yawn) but managed to get through the morning session by promising myself a sunny lunch break over at the park’s rose garden.  I heard on the radio this morning that ‘autumn will be arriving tomorrow’ so I wanted to make the most of every last drop of the sunshiney stuff available. I treated myself to Broccoli and Almond soup which I’ve never had before but which was delicious.  Swiftly followed by this…


So yummy! 

Being surrounded by so many beautiful flowers got me in the mood for a mooch round the local garden centre. I came hime with a couple of lupins, an azalea japonica and some of the cutest little winter pansies.


So sweet.  I spent a happy hour planting and rearranging them in the front garden along with some crocus bulbs I bought in town last week.   Eeek! I’m excited to see if they grow. I’ve never grown anything from bulb before and I’ve always assumed it’d be tricky. I don’t know why. We shall see!


Crocus bulbs are very strange looking things indeed!


I don’t want  Autumn to arrive.  I could quite happily have another couple of months of sunshine please. 


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