Baby Rippling

I had a bit of a love-in photo session with the baby ripple I’ve been working on.

Baby Ripple Blanket

Last time I did one I worked a fairly simple border, which (I think) finished it off nicely, so I had planned to do the same this time.  But I’m wondering if I should maybe just leave it as it is?  I LOVE it (as became obvious when i saw quite how many photos I took of it!)

Ripple Blanket

I love the colours, the drape-ability of it and the way it looks just as great when it’s folded up.


As usual, the pattern came from here at Attic24.  It’s the BEST ripple pattern (IMO) and it’s a dream to work up…row after row of soothing, relaxing crochet.  Despite being in sleepy, relaxed holiday mode this is still easy work and you only need to count to 4 and even I can manage that!

DSCF0235Baby Ripple

So, to leave as is or start a border? Hmmmm.

Did I mention how much I LOVE this ripply loveliness?

OK, that’s quite enough now thank you (said in my most bossy in-my-own-head voice)


2 thoughts on “Baby Rippling

  1. You didn’t tell me you’d started a blog! LOVE the finished blanket – it’s perfect just as it is 🙂 Miss you guys and look forward to catching up when you get back. Ju xx

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