Happy hooky!


Ta-daa! I felt like a little bit of pleasurable hooky was needed today – a bit of whimsy (I LOVE that word) to pretty things up! I mean, who on earth needs a crocheted pen container?  But who cares about need? Pah, boring!

I’ve been meaning to have a go at something like this after seeing these at Attic24…such pretties! And when I overheard Mark commenting that he could never find a pen at my Mum’s house I thought that this might be something nice to leave here for when she returns, as a little thank you. I bought new colouring pencils too, to replace the much used and bashed about ones that she let the kids use.


We’ve had a lovely day today. A quiet morning pootling about the house before meeting some friends at the park for coffee and a natter.  It never fails to amaze me how some friends you only get to see once a year but still manage to slot into your easygoing friendship like you’ve never been away.  So a quick meet up turned into a 4 hour catch up on the past year.  We talked about our children,  school, work, holidays, deaths (both friends lost a parent during the past 10 months), plans for the future,  etc.  A lovely afternoon while the kids played and wheedled more ice creams out of us.

After finishing my little crochet project I decided to jump in the pool with the girls for a nice cool down. I then gave into the chocolate urge…


It’s amazing how children can seem to be able to recognise the sound of a chocolate bar being opened no matter how quiet you are!  Needless to say,  I ended up sharing.


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